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Watch Sivaranjani Telugu Full Movie Online

Sivaranjani Telugu Movie Story:

Watch Sivaranjani Telugu Full Movie Online. Karthik(Nandu) is an occasion manager who gets to understand Valli(Reshmi) through an accident. as a result of this, Valli forgets her past and Karthik helps her to come back out of her trauma. throughout constant time, an spirit keeps bothering Valli all the time. once everything looks to be going fine, Valli remembers her past and things get disturbed between the couple. who is Valli? what’s her association to the evil spirit? What did Karthik do to induce back Valli in his life.? That forms the remainder of the story.

Watch Sivaranjani Telugu Full Movie Online


Nandu is extremely spectacular as Karthik. He has sensible screen presence and his performance within the emotional scenes of the climax was superb. The horror scenes that return throughout the pre-climax episode are executed well by the director.

Reshmi did a decent job in her role. She had a tough role to portray and she did a superb job along with her emotions. Nandini Rai looked exciting and contend her supporting role quite well. The supporting cast like Dhanraj, Akhil Karthik, and Delhi Rajeswari additionally did a decent job in their roles.


There was plenty of pain within the script that the director failed to build use of it properly. there’s no correct flow within the proceedings because the narration is jaded and lacked focus. the makers wasted a great deal of your time by adding needless comedy and horror scenes that weren’t required in any respect.

The climax of the film has been committed in a very hurry. once some extent, the plot becomes routine and also the proceedings become boring and disturb the audience. loads additional work on the script and narration might have created plenty of distinction to the film.

Sivaranjani Telugu Movie Cast & Crew:-

Directed and written by: Naaga Prabhakkar
Starring by: Rashmi Gautam, Nandu, Nandini Rai
Genres: Drama, Horror, Suspense
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Watch Sivaranjani Telugu Full Movie Online

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Sivaranjani Telugu Movie Trailer:-

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